Multi-Colored Smartphone Backbground

Multi-colored smartphone background 1080x2016

You can download this image then use it on your smartphone. It is 1080x2016 so it'll look great on a big screen. I created this image using the Android app. It's a great app for creating photos and videos, but they show too many ads. 
I'm currently looking for another photo and video editing app, but it's hard to find one as good as Besides, it's hard for me to break away from something I know well. Ive been using the app for more than three years.
The app was bought by another company about a year ago and that's when all the ads started showing up in the app. Every time I click 'save image' an ad pops up. Then I click to close the ad and only then am I able to save an image. A lot of the time another ad pops up after I save an image so I have to click to close the ad again.
It's frustating how the new company totally ruied the user experience on a such a great app. It's like they don't respect our time. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't subject customers to such blatant disrespect just so they can earn a couple cents on an ad.